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Ingenious solar thermal heating, cooling, pure food growing and rain drinking water collection for everyday living, emergencies & survival

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Reduce high temperature summer solar heat gain on roofs, walls, cars, boats or tents with either of our two Reflective CoolTarps-- the coolest solar tarps made. Both keep interior spaces much cooler by reducing solar heat absorption on the surface. Lightweight SolaReflexx CoolTarp (left photo) reflects over 95% Click for more details on our two CoolTarps of the sun's heat and all of the light away from sunlit surfaces. It comes in an 8' width and can also be used to increase plant growth by reflecting light towards plants.

Snow White CoolTarp (right photo) is nearly as reflective, is much thicker, stronger, best for long term home or RV roof installations, and allows a small amount of sunlight to pass through. It comes in a 12' width by various lengths up to 350 feet long and can be secured on a flat roof with bricks or tiles, and with our pressure grommets or smooth edge board or pole. With slight modifications, it becomes our new RainTarp and makes an ideal rain water collection surface that harvests pure drinking water from the sky as one of two of our upcoming Rain Drinking Water Collectors. (More below)

Turn sunlit windows into giant solar radiators in winter with our interior black see-through Solar Heating Drapes (left) to save on high winter heating costs. Or you can lay them flat on a sunlit floor near unshaded windows.

In summer, cool outdoor patio or camping areas, or reduce heat loss through windows in winter with our reflective Thermal Barrier Fabric (right). It's also a perfect plant frost or summer heat protector. For more details and to order click here: Solar Thermal Fabrics.com.

The amazing aeroponic vertical Tower Garden pure food growing system from Juice Plus+ Company is the most advanced and most popular growing system made. Plant roots grow in the air and and it uses no soil or growing medium. Plants thrive and consume pure, natural mineral plant nutrients for the healthiest, tastiest home-grown fruits and veggies that grow up to 60% faster, with higher levels of nutrients than field grown plants. And it is easy to set up and use outdoors or indoors with grow lights. Watch for our upgraded hybrid Veggie Garden2go Hydroponic root and pot growing system that can be used as a Tower Garden accessory, shown below.

Towergardeners no longer have to worry about a sudden water pump or power failure because our upcoming Tower Solar Backup Pump Kits are in the final prototype testing stage and will soon ready for beta testing. Up to three Tower Gardens can be run at the same time, indoors or outside. It will also take your Tower or Veggie Garden2go off-grid. Click for more details at towerbackup.com.

Our popular hydroponic Veggie Garden2go pure food  growing companion to Tower Garden, shown above, is being upgraded and improved with solar power.  It is a unique hybrid aeroponic/hydroponic accessory growing product that combines Tower Garden aeroponic aeriation and our hydroponic root plant grower into one simple system, seen on the left with four-8 foot tall Cannabis plants. It will grow a wider variety of edible foods like ground fruits or root plants including potatoes, carrots (right photo) and beets, herb bushes like cannabis, bulbs and sprouts faster and healthier that nearly any other type of soil, hydroponic, or aeroponic growing system. Click on veggiegarden2go.com for updates, photos and availability.

Small Rain Drinking water kit

Soon you will be able to harvest your own pure and delicious Rain Drinking Water by using either of our two upcoming Rain Drinking Water Collectors, now in prototype testing. We will offer a small (shown in the left photo) and large size collector that are easy to set up and use in nearly any outdoor location. All the fresh water on earth starts as rain, so by collecting it on a clean, non-toxic surface before it touches the ground and by storing in clean non-toxic containers, you can enjoy the best tasting unpolluted water on earth. Click on the link for more details and availability.

Improved SolaReflex Foil closeup Generate the fastest, hottest solar heating, cooling or solar cooking with our upgraded SolaReflexx diffused solar reflector foil that comes in a two, four and eight foot width and is weather resistant. This upgraded diffused foil reflects over 95% of the full spectrum of sunlight and also works well for increasing food plant growth, daylighting to send sun light indoors, and for photographic uses. On the same page also have a look at our top-rated mirror surface SolaReflex AA Panels for solar thermal heating concentrators or daylighting uses and BlackFlex Solar absorption foil.

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This lightweight, durable ClearDome Solar Water Heating Film is designed for full sun exposed home spas or pools 8' and smaller. The special UV-resistant, long life film covers the entire pool or spa over the edge and floats on top of the water to allow solar energy to pass through and warm the water 10-15 degrees or more every sunny day while trapping the heat by preventing evaporation. It turns the water into a giant solar heat absorber and reduces heating costs by up to 95% in summer months.


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Veggie Garden2go hybrid Solar food/pot growing system · Aeroponic Tower Garden food/herb growing system · · SolaReflex and Snow White CoolTarps for cool roofs, walls, indoor growing ·Heating drapes/Thermal barrier fabric · SolarReflex 97% diffused reflector foil · SolaReflex AA 95% mirror reflector and daylighting panels · New 3rd Gen. Spa/pool Water Heating Film 


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