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Specially configured  for sunlit wall, awning, stand-alone, or roof installations-
including 16" standing seam metal roofs

Seven ClearDome Solar BISFA)Heating panels are wall mounted on a Medical Center building in Maine

The most economical and most practical way to reduce your utility bills by 50-75% or more is by using free solar thermal energy to warm the air inside of your home or business.

It's also the most practical way for your family to personally reduce global warming and air pollution by reducing the amount of non-renewable fossil fuel consumption like gas, coal or oil.

And businesses, schools or animal caretakers that need to reduce heating costs now have a more affordable way to add warmth while lowering utility expenses--by installing these unique 6th generation active solar air heaters to their buildings. BISHA heating panels are also ideal for industrial and commercial uses where higher temperatures are needed for direct, or pre-heating of food drying, crops, textiles, or numerous other needs. Considerable savings of energy costs is possible, while increasing dependabiliy in countries with limited available fuel or power resources. A photo with more details can be found at the at the bottom of this page.

A short PowerPoint presentation about the BISFA heating panel with photos and more details is now available to view online or download that's 2.4 MB large, and easy for most PC computers to view. Mac computers might not be able to view it. Wait for a few seconds for it to download. Once you see the first page that starts with "focus", use your right and left arrows and page up and down, home and end, to move through the program. When finished, use your back button to get back to your last web page. Click here to see the BISFA PowerPoint presentation.

Are you aware that you'll spend more money heating your home or office each year than heating the water or using electricity? It's true, check your annual bills.

(Of course this assumes you haven't already turned off your gas, electric, oil or coal heater in winter like many of our customers because it's become too expensive to stay comfortable in your own home.) Two vertically mounted BISFA heating panels, with PV panels on a New England style home under construction

Generating hot air from the sun's energy is the most efficient, least costly way of transforming solar energy to domestic energy uses. It's also an excellent way to reduce your family or business carbon footprint and reduce the effects of global warming. After designing five previous generations of high quality solar space heating collectors, ClearDome Solar Thermal has finally perfected the art of making free hot air from sunshine. The New England home on the left has two vertically mounted BISFA heating panels and two PV panels mounted above on both sides of the large windows.

If you live in the states of Maine or Georgia you can take advantage of their solar energy rebate programs that refunds over 1/3 of the purchase price as a tax rebate on installed solar forced air heating panels (including our BISFA panels). They often run out of funds early because of the recent popularity of solar energy products, so check to ensure that still have funds for this year. These are the first states in the USA that have enacted rebate programs for solar forced air panels and we're encouraging more states to include hot air panels in their solar rebate programs since heating air is 50-60% of most annual utility costs. Other states are now considering the rebates, now that the Obama adminstration supports the use of renewable energy, so check to see what funding assistance your state is offering.

Some states like California have found that solar forced air heating panels are so efficient and so affordable, compared to other solar products, that funding assistance programs for solar hot air will likely not being offered.

Each linear foot of our new Building Integrated Solar Forced Air (BISFA) Ultra Black heating panels will produce over 100 peak watts of midday heat energy, or 300 BTU's at nearly 80% efficiency on a sunny day. This means that our eight foot long, 16" wide panel like the one shown above on the garage roof edge will produce well over 800 watts, or over 2500 BTU per hour of pure peak heat energy from the sun. Compared to our previous 24" x 8' long fourth generation metal framed Exterior panels, the BISFA panels will increase incoming cold air temperatures by over 60 degrees F, or 15 degrees hotter during midday sunny heating.

So if the incoming room air temperature is 60 degrees F, the panel heat out temps will rise to over 120 peak degrees. And if a second 8' long BISFA panel is connected in series, the heat out temperature will increase another 165-180 degrees F, so a more powerful fan should be used to send more heat into the room. It's so durable that it can be used on RV's, boats, and remote locations off the grid, besides home installations or stand-alone without mounting to a surface. These are the first matching air and water heating panels made, and among the first for mobile or stand alone use in either a closed or open loop system. They can even be mounted as a window awning using our two-angle mounting brackets.

We'll only be selling the panels when they become available, and not the other componants necessary for a complete water heating system. However, we will be suggesting some outstanding system componants that will compliment our water heating panels. It has two 3/4" brass screw-on connectors for water in/out circulation, which makes it easy to use with any type of open or closed loop tank systems, even insulated ice chest boxes or water containers. Re-circulating the water with a pump provides faster, more efficient heating.

$1 per BISFA watt vs $9 per PV watt

BISFA Ultra Black panels can generate hot air for less than $1 per usable watt, based on the purchase price of the installed heating system. Once you've received payback of your solar air heating system in a few years or less your annual solar heating savings will increase each year as conventional energy becomes more scarce, causing it to rise more and more. The price of using the sun as a fuel source will always be free and abundant.

Browse the Internet and compare the price and efficiency of our 80% efficient hot air panels to typical 13% efficient solar electric (PV) panels that cost an average of $9 per installed watt, and you'll see why taxpayer funding and mounds of government red tape is needed to be able to afford a $20,000 rooftop PV array that makes enough electricity to power a hair dryer.

Now you know why solar PV electric is impractical for heating your home. It's just too expensive.

Below you'll find the BISFA panel order links for all three sizes and the custom PV electric panel to power the fan off-grid. You can save on shipping costs for each pair of BISFA panels because we'll pay the extra shipping for the second panels when you order 2, 4 or 6 panels at a time. For fall and winter orders, expect 4-6 weeks for us to assemble and process your order due to a very high volume of orders. We're working hard to shorten processing times now that we have partnered with a large manufacturing company to assemble the panels. Check with us for updates on your estimated order processing time.

Click to order $980, 8' long BISFA heating panel with fan and DC power supply

Order $759, 6' BISFA heating panel with fan and DC power supply

Order $549, 4' BISFA heating panel with fan and DC power supply

Click to buy optional $125, 10 watt custom PV electric panel-
Direct DC power for fan. Free shipping when shipped with your BISFA panel order!

Each of our 8 foot long large BISFA heating panels will increase room temperatures by 10-15 degrees F or more, on all sunny days in well-insulated 500 square foot rooms with 8' ceilings. So to make a 1,000 square foot home feel much more comfortable, even on partly cloudy days, you would normally only need two panels, or add another to boost the heat even more--especially if you live in a less sunny or sub-zero location. The more air heating panels you install, the faster heating and warmer your home will be, and will remain warm well into the night. For smaller rooms or limited wall space, use our 4' or 6' panels. The 4' panel is perfect for small 100-150 square foot closed rooms, and the 6' panel works well in 250-300 square foot rooms with 8' ceilings.

And if the price of our panels seems too high for your present budget, here's a more affordable way to help keep your home warm, using south facing sunlit windows. Have a look at our popular under $100 Solar Heating Drapes and Thermal Barrier Fabric, now being used in homes around the world.

All day solar warmth that's been absorbed by the furniture, walls, floor and ceiling, is radiated back into the room long after the sun sets, helping you save lots on conventional heating costs. Our solar forced air heating system is not designed to be connected to existing heating systems. When enough panels are installed on south facing walls or roofs, you'll normally only need to add conventional heat late at night and early in the morning, unless you experience consecutive overcast days. Cold outside air has very little effect on solar heating with our panels.

Durable weather and heat resistant panel construction

Our  standard 4, 6 or 8 foot long panels are industrial grade and made of sturdy custom-formed 16 guage aluminum with a tough, baked-on black powder coating. We suggest using a contractor, solar installer, qualified handyman or HVAC installer for mounting the panels. The 8' panel installation shown below is mounted on the top edge of a clear polycarbonate awning, with a solar PV panel on the right side to power the panel's 12 volt fan. We now have custom panel mounting brackets available to mount the panel as an awning, for flat roofs or temporary ground use. Awning mount 8' Building Integrated Solar Forced Air Heating panel with fan PV on right

We can offer tips and suggestions for simplifying the installation.  Discontinued Low Profile UB solar forced air heaters

The clear front side glazing is unbreakable heat and UV resistant 1/8" thick, non-toxic clear polycarbonate plastic and our top-rated selective surface Ultra Blackflex 95% absorption, .05 emissive solar heat absorber is the same as our previous Low Profile UB panels seen on the right (now replaced by the BISFA heating panels). And we've been able to squeeze out a few more degrees of heat by further improving the current design.

They are lightweight, at only about 3.25 lbs per linear foot, only 2-1/4" thick and 15-1/2" wide at the base, with a 1" lip on each top side, and can be connected together to increase the heating temperatures, or they wil sit in the channels of existing metal standing seam roofs like the UniSolar Smartroof PV installation, or mounted directly on walls. If you already have a UniSolar Standing Seam PV electric roof installed,  you can reduce or nearly eliminate heating costs by adding these unique solar thermal air panels.

Each panel comes with a standard 110 CFM, 12 volt DC fan housed inside a sturdy metal enclosure that attaches to the intake 4" vent. Inside the panel, mounted on the solar heat absorber is a thermostat that will turn the fan on at about 100 degrees F, and shut it off when the heat inside drops to about 70 degrees. This prevents cold air from blowing into the room at night. In warm summer months, when the power to the fan is shut off, heat stays in the panel without damage. It also includes a plug-in 12 volt power supply,and you can also power the fan with our custom designed optional 12 volt, 10 watt PV electric panel for $185, seen in two photos below of the vertically mounted panels, that plugs directly into the fan for off-the- grid use. Using the PV panel insures sunny daytime heating even during grid power outages. This fan is designed for close mounting use with ducts less than three feet long.

Close up view of 4 For longer ducts, and more air flow with the 8' or multiple connected panels, we suggest considering a low noise bathroom fan, available at most home supply stores like Depot and Lowes. An internally mounted on/off fan thermostat is mounted the heat absorber and turns the fan on Dual angled panel back supports--one mounted on panel, the other sits on back of panel automatically when the heat absorber reaches about 100 degrees F, and off around 70 degrees F so cold air can't be blown in at night.

To mount the panels on flat roofs, above windows as an awning, angled on walls, or stand alone on any flat surface, these optional dual back support mounts (left photo) are available on special order for $69. They can be screwed into to the far ends of the panel by removing the end covers. The mounts can then be secured to the wall, roof or rack mounts. In this photo one mount is secured to the back side end of the panel and the other is sitting on the panel for display.

Incoming and outgoing 4" vents, seen on the right, are normally mounted on opposite ends of the upper back side of the panel, but air flow can also pass through the opposite ends of the sides of the panel for some types of special roof installations, especially when a mixture of fresh outside air is added to the air circulation.  

Heat in summer, cool in winter

BISFA heating panel mounted on a wall
Cover south facing sunlit roofs seen in the top photo, or walls (seen in photo on the left) of your house or business with as many panels needed to heat the entire interior space--even in work spaces or animal enclosures.

In summer, you can even vent the panels to the outdoors for solar cooling on the roof suface area covered by the panels. This happens because nearly all of the solar heat that otherwise saturates roofs or walls is absorbed inside the panels and carried back to the sky by moving air from the low powered fan away from the surface. For questions about the best way to mount the BISFA heating panels on your home, business, RV or mobile home, please contact BISFA product designer Deris Jeannette by clicking here to send your email message: deris@cleardomesolar.com

Two BISFA 8' heating mounted on roof area below two windows In the photo notice the two 6' BISFA panels on this own northern New Jersey home (seen at right) to solar heat two upstairs rooms. Both panels are mounted below upstairs windows on this south facing Mansard roof. They receive 7+ hours of direct sunlight during the late fall through spring seasons. We now have a distributor/installer network in the USA, with installers in the New England states and scattered though the rockies so if you are looking for an installer, please send us your email request for contact information and to see if we have an authorized installer in your region.

And this East Coast BISFA beta tester sent these photos, below, of his building still under constuction before the 8' panel was vertically mounted in the left photo. You can see the two vent holes top and bottom, then the panel is mounted in the right photo. Normal moisture condensation inside the panel is visible on the front glazing early in the morning before the panel is turned on.

This is natural, and within minutes after the panel heats up and the fan turns on, the moisture inside of the panel goes away with no damage to the panel. He chose to use metal mounts on the top and bottom instead of connecting with screws from the inside of the end caps. Flashing will be installed over the top edge of the panel. Also notice the optional Direct DC solar electric PV panel for the fan, mounted above the BISFA panel for off-grid use. BISFA mounting area with two vent holes on the wall before panel is installed
BISFA heating panel mounted vertically on a wall of unfinished space
Two connected 8' BISFA panels increase 70 degree air temps to 182 degrees F. We've also found that when two 8' long BISFA panels are connected together, they become an excellent heat source for SHIP, or Solar Industrial Process Heating, used in many different industries such as food drying, clothes and textile drying, paint shops, and even for saunas. In this photo, we connected two 8' panels together on a sunny day and 75 degree cold air exited the second panel at 182 degrees F! For home heating uses, its better to have one fan for each panel to increase the total air flow, especially if the panels are mounted in different locations around the house.

This was with the stock 12 volt fan, and the CFM dropped by about 40%, so a more powerfull fan can be used to increase the airflow, if needed. While the temperature rises, the price of generating more heat will only be slight or not at all, especially if solar PV electric panels are used to power the fans. Changing the air flow will increase or decrease the heating temperature.

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