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ClearDome SolaReflex AA Mirror Surface
Flat and bendable 95.5% Solar Reflector Panels
-Ideal for concentrating solar thermal and PV, flat heliostat reflectors, reflecting radiant heat over 1.2K degrees F,
artificial & skylighting enhancement, plant grow lights, solar cooking, classroom,
scientific, solar daylighting and photographic uses
Top rated 2' x 4' ClearDome SolaReflex AA (polished anodized aluminum substrate) light and solar reflector panel
SolaReflex AA Mirror Surface 2'x4' reflector panels come flat and are easy to bend to any angle such as
this new type of SolaReflex Daylighting Panel for sending bright sunlight indoors through windows or skylights.
We've upgraded our former flat ABS and polycarbonate plastic substrate SolaReflex panels with a more durable, specially coated polished anodized aluminum substrate panel that's more weather resistant and more spectrally reflective that most other light reflectors made. Specially designed for ClearDome Solar Thermal, they are called "AA" panels because of the bendable anodized aluminum substrate, and super hard invisible front and backside top coat that increases outdoor durability in the wettest, saltiest, driest, coldest and hottest environments. (Place your order with the PayPal order links below.)

95.5% is the highest level of reflection known for extended outdoor use, and it is 10-20% more reflective than normal glass mirrors, aluminum foil and Mylar reflector film. Total spectral reflectivity of the first surface-coated AA panels for the entire light spectrum between 450 and 2500 mn is at or above 93.5% with a 55-70 degree light angle. It also has the highest rating for continuous outdoor use in any weather at 5-7 years minimum, and an estimated 15-20 year use after continuous extreme accelerated age testing.

The left photo below shows the backside of our 2x4' SolaReflex AA Daylighting reflector panel mounted on our adjustable ground/wall mount that provides front or backside reflection into rooms, onto plants, or for other needs where direct sunlight is not available. The wide swath of reflected sunlight falls on the entire north facing front wall, and passes through the large window into the living room wall inside. On the right is an interior photo of a room with 17 foot ceilings being daylit with the wide reflection from our small prototype 1x2' Daylighting reflector. Reflected bright sunlight from SolaReflex AA Panel extends across the width of the room walls or ceiling Back view of adjustable ground or wall support mount for 2' x 4' SolaReflex AA reflector panel

It's sending bright sunlight from 30 feet away, outside through a glass patio door. The larger 2x4' reflected light is 4 times larger and brighter. The high quality mirror surface of our AA panels will send a wide beam of reflected sunlight over 100 feet away, through windows or skylights deep into building interiors.

Our unique convex arched design spreads the light over a much wider area, and when properly aligned to the sun, it needs little or no sun adjustments for most of the day. Flat reflectors send a much smaller reflection and need to be automatically tracked to the moving sun to keep the reflected light on a fixed location.


Two types of Solar Reflective CoolTarp are Now Available!

The world's most solar reflective and coolest tarp made are now available--and both are about 20-25% more reflective than our Thermal Barrier Fabric and much less expensive than our SolaReflex AA panels. Our SolaReflex 97.4% reflective foil product is called SolaReflex CoolTarp for smaller installations(click for more details) , that comes with optional grommets for easy installation anywhere in the hot sun. It passively cools spaces underneath the hot summer sun even better than Thermal Barrier Fabric by reflecting all the blazing sunlight away from roofs, patio covers, RV's and boats, carports, work spaces, animal enclosures, and garden areas that are warmed by too much sunlight.

Areas below CoolTarp will stay within about 10-15 degrees of the ambient air temps. Unlike typical painted or light colored tarps that absorb the sun's energy and get very hot underneath in summer sun, CoolTarp has the our top-rated reflective SolaReflex metallized coated surface on both sides that allows only a very small amount of heat to pass through, and no light, keeping that surface and space below it cool.

And for larger installations we offer , Snow White CoolTarp,(click for more details) , which is slightly less reflective, but about five times thicker (23 mils) and and more durable since it is over seven times stronger than SolaReflex foil and standard utility tarps, with a burst rating of nearly 700 psi. Both feel cool to the touch in direct sunlight because they are so heat reflective. Snow White CoolTarp comes in 12' widths, up to 300 feet long, while the SolaReflex CoolTarp standard size is 8' x 8', with slightly larger custom sizes avaialable.


Our SolaReflex AA reflectors were now installed at the Richmond, Virginia Science center for a permanant outdoor public solar heating demonstration that allows visitors to orient three connected flat AA panels in a heliostat configuration to reflect sunlight on to our SolaReflex 2500SA extreme temperature dish parabolic to show the true heating power of sunlight. Next time you're in Virginia, stop by for a visit and an amazing solar demo. You can also see our BISFA (building Integrated Solar Forced air heaters) mounted in a nearby display generating lots of free hot air.

We decided to use the same patented technique for coating and applying the protective invisible weather coating surface, just as we use on our super hot SolarReflex 2800SA extreme temperature parabolic solar reflectors.

Below are two views of our unique SolaReflex AA Octagon Parabolic cooker that was specially bent into this unique 8-sided parabolic cooking reflector.

Side view of our new SolaReflex AA Octagon Parabolic Cooker/Pasteurizer 95.5% reflective SolaReflex AA Octagon Parabolic cooker, now available

This unique solar cooker design is a deep-tapered parabolic concentrator that spreads the entire hot spot across the 11" cooking area where the pot sits on the base. Dry heat temperatures inside the pot will reach above 350 degress F, and midday cooking times average 45-90 minutes for 1-3 quart meals. They can be used in nearly any type of reflective solar energy or lighting projects like with grow lights for plants, and for numerous radiant heat reflector uses up to 1200 degrees F because they are also resistant to high radiant heat temperatures--with no damage or surface change.

They can be also used as secondary concentrated light and radiant heat reflectors in special applications, such as behind floor radiators to reflect nearly all the heat back into the room and away from the nearby wall or floor with minimal heat loss through the walls. And they can also be used to re-direct heat created by engines, most flames, or fireplaces as long as the flames don't coat the surface with soot.

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Below is a single SolaReflex AA mirror surface panel mounted on a flat twin-wall polycarbonate plastic sheet that has been bent into a simple trough parabolic form to demonstrate how easy it is to make your own solar concentrator. Wire is used to pull the ends of the trough together and concentrate the sun's energy at the adjustable focal point, indicated with the white rope attached to the wire. We propped up the back side with a box. Metal frames and mounts can be made to better support the trough, and manually or automatically adjust it to the sun. The closeup view shows a strip of oak smoking seconds after the focal point begins to heat it up.

Wood begins to burn at 455 degrees F, and we recorded higher temps above along the entire hot spot strip. A fluid solar heating tube would normally be positioned at the hot spot for quick solar heating. By adding more panels, heating temperatures will increase considerably. Parabolic troughs like this are used to concentrate sunlight in large commercial solar thermal and solar PV power generator arrays and are automatically tracked to the moving sun.

A strip of wood burns instantly at the focal point of the 2x4' AA trough parabolic-click to enlarge A single 2x4' SolaReflex AA panel bent into a trough parabolic form using twin-wall polycarbonate plastic-click to enlarge

These are top quality solar and artificial lighting reflectors that make it much easier to build parabolic heating or lighting troughs for concentrating thermal and PV, solar cooking and heating projects, daylighting reflectors for home, business and garden use, and for motion picture and photo uses. They can be cut, drilled, glued and mounted without cracking or damaging the panel. They come with a clear protective peel-off film on the reflective side that's easily pulled off after the panels have been cut and mounted.

To order your SolaReflex AA reflector panels, please contact us at the email address below to check on availability.

Unlike our popular 97.4% SolaReflex thick diffused foil that has to be cut, glued and applied to flat or curved surfaces, you'll find these super durable panels ready to use and more moisture, scratch, and salt air resistant than any other type of solar reflectors.

Best quality, low cost reflectors

SolaReflex AA flat panels are low cost solar and lighting reflectors that are comparable or better than the most expensive glass reflectors that cost many times more but can't be bent by the user for concentrating solar energy. For parabolic solar trough builders, the 2x4' size is convenient for low cost shipping and installation on site since they are unbreakable and lightweight.

Build the reflector as large as is required, then secure multiple panels to the smooth framce surface with waterproof contact cement or attach them on the edges with rivets or screws. As a result, crating and shipping costs are much lower than shipping glass or metal reflectors because of the smaller size. And because they are very resistant to wind vibration when they are bent and mounted into a parabolic shaped frame, you'll save money on having to make expensive heavy duty support frames.

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Superior as still and motion picture reflectors

Motion picture and still photographers are amazed at how extremely bright and versatile they are for indoor light enhancement and outdoors as well. They can also be used to for background lighting effects when the panel is arched or twisted.

These are the brightest and most durable flat and bendable photo and day lighting reflectors made. Our tests have shown reflection levels up to 4-6 times brighter than the well known flexible cloth reflectors in bright sunlight.

ClearDome SolaReflex AA 2'x 4' lighting and radiant heat reflective panels cost. $165, plus shipping and handling. Discount prices are available for bulk purchases, educational and demo uses. Overseas shipping can be as much as 3-5 times the default USA shipping prices, depending on the country, so please request an estimate. These panels are available to order in any quantities from this web page using the PayPal order links below, and we also accept U.S. money orders through the mail. Discounted prices are available for larger quantities. Processing time is normally 1-2 weeks for smaller orders, and because we occasionally have high volume orders that reduces our stock it's good to confirm the estimated shipping time for your order.
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