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Solar thermal products provide the least expensive and most efficient use of solar energy known today.

New! Watch for our new combination solar water purifier/cooker;
The most advanced solar survival heating product made

We're pleased to announce that our second generation ClearDome Solar Still/Water Pasteurizer shown below is no longer available because is will soon be replaced by our upcoming 3rd generation combination water purifier/solar oven (left photo of prototype).

Watch for-Sneak peek of our prototype Solar oven-water purifier  Watch for-Sneak peek of a loaf of bread just baked in  our prototype Solar Oven-Water Purifier

It can bake bread in 35 minutes (right) on a bright sunny day or 90 minutes on an light overcast or partly cloudy day, cooks pasta, beans, meat, chicken and fish in 45-120 minutes, plus it heat Pasteurizes three quarts of questionable fresh lake, river or rain water in about two hours, and also distills sea water to make ultra pure drinking water. Notice the dry heat internal peak temperature above 440 degrees F, hotter than any commercial solar box or panel cooker.

It can also sterilize medical instruments and catch rain water for drinking. It will be the most advanced glass and metal solar cooker/water purifier in the world. It is so well insulated that meals remain hot inside for at least 3-4 hours after sunset. Prototype testing is nearly done, so watch for it here in early 2016.

Questions? Click here: deris@cleardomesolar.com

Both water distillers eliminate all harmful microbes, chemical contaminates,
salt, minerals, and any other impurities from nearly all types of foul water

Please read on for more info about the previous first and second generation stills,
while we test the upcoming new prototype 3rd generation solar water purifier/cooker

Discontinued 2nd generation ClearDome Solar Still/Pasteurizer Water Purifier

All you need is sunshine to turn brackish, polluted, salt or most questionable fresh water into delicious ultra pure solar distilled water from nearly any water source.

With a simple modification it will make foul lake, stream or standing fresh water safe to drink by Pastuerizing about 6 times more fresh water at temperatures between 120-150 degrees F.

It is scientifically proven that water does not need to boil to kill the harmful microbes that can make you sick.

In only about four hours of full midday sun, it will Pasteurize up to 6 liters (or quarts) of safe drinking water for medium size family, and it will ultra purify about 1-2 quarts of water for one adult or two children in a 24-hour day when set up for distillation.

First combination Solar Still/Pasturizer

This is the world's first combination solar still and Pasteurizer in one unit. A photo of one Pasteurizer configuration is shown below. Notice the heating trays have optional clear lids on them and not the fluid heat absorbers used to distill. The clear lids trap heat generated by the sun to boost the water temperatures to over 150 degrees F in about 3-4 hours of full midday sun, hot enough to kill harmful microbes.

Another method to solar Pasteurize is to nearly fill up to six, one liter (or quart) clear drinking water containers with the questionable fresh water and lay them in the solar heating pans inside the still box. In about four hours of midday solar heating, all the harmful microbes will be killed, making the water safe to drink.

In many areas where fresh tap water is questionable or not chemically contaminated, but still unsafe to drink because of microbe infestation, heat treating the water at the proper time and temperature is all that's needed to make it safe to drink. More photos and more details will be posted here in coming months. The Dome Still configured as a fresh water Pasteurizer

The dome-shaped ClearDome Solar water distiller/Pasteurizer is 1/3 smaller (8" tall x 17" wide x 48" long), lighter, more portable and unbreakable, and even more efficient than our previous still. It included the same automatic self-feeding three gallon foul water container with reservoir, connecting plastic tubing for gravity feed, two internal foul water trays and our unique efficiency-boosting solar fluid heat absorbers.

This is similar to the original system below, but the heat absorber assembly is now arched into a dome shape for quicker, more efficient evaporation. The dome shape of the heating box is very sturdy and has outstanding wind resistance in moderate winds without having to secure it down. The 3-gallon pure water catch container and activated charcoal filter will be optional.

For larger solar distillation or water Pasteurization needs, we are also designing a simple Clear Dome Solar Still Array where multiple dome stills are positioned near each other with connecting tubes that drain to a central pure water storage tank. We've had a number of requests from around the world to design a simple, easy-to-use large solar distillation/Pasteurization system for small communities where pure drinking water is scarce or too expensive.

Our discontinued first generation triangular shaped Solar Still Water Purifier

Having two choices for making completely safe drinking water using only sunshine as the power source is a real advantage for most survival and emergency situations. It can also be used for melting snow, re-heating food and to heat bathing and clothes washing water. Smaller quantities of water can be pasteurized even faster than the normal four hours in full sunlight. And soon we'll be offering a smaller half-size "demonstrator" solar Still/Pasteurizer" for students, instructors, and thermal professionals. It solar distills about one pint of pure water per day.

Our discontinued first generation Solar still is shown on the left. We've made a number of important improvements and the price will be lower for the upcoming Dome Still/Pasteurizer.

All polycarbonate plastic parts used in construction of our solar stills and other products are unbreakable, FDA/NSF approved, non-toxic, and make delicious pure drinking water.

If you are concerned about the possible dangers of BHP, or bisphenol-a, we suggest you click here for for the most detailed current scientific information about the use of BHP in polycarbonate plastic. Here is their scientific summary:

Human exposure to BPA from food-contact use of polycarbonate plastic is very low and poses no known risk to human health. The use of polycarbonate plastic for food contact applications has been and continues to be recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Food, the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and other regulatory authorities worldwide.

Stated another way, an average adult consumer would have to ingest more than 600 kilograms (about 1,300 pounds) of food and beverages in contact with polycarbonate every day for an entire lifetime to exceed the level of BPA that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set as safe.

Please use these PayPal Order links to place your order once the new stills are available. The Solar Pasteurizer kit and replacement fluid water heating pads are optional and can be ordered from their product links below. When ordered with the still, shipping costs of these items will be refunded. Directions are emailed with every order.

Look carefully in the photos below and you'll see the pure vaporized water forming and dripping inside the new Dome Solar Still just like the natural rain cycle, but without impurities like those found in earth's atmosphere. Water droplets form and drip down the left and right sides, then flow down towards the red colored drain valve.

Closeup view of pure water droplets forming and dripping inside Clear Dome Solar Still Purifier/Pasteurizer

The unique removable foul water gravity feed container (blue round container on the left) is seen on the left side of the original still above, and on the far right the pure water drains down through an inline activated carbon filter to the pure water container on the ground.

We've made the new dome still a smaller modular design that's easier to handle, with lower shipping costs. While a large still produces more pure water than a small still, we've found that an array of small size stills is more practical because it's easier and less expensive to build, ship, set up, and add efficiency. Since our new smaller stills require minimal set up at a lower cost, more people will be able to use them in more types of outdoor environments.

An elevated platform or table is required for the upgraded still to allow the pure water to flow downward into a pure water container or our optional polycarbonate three gallon pure water container. Only the sun's pure and free energy warms the specially designed dual surface internal fluid heat absorbers inside the dark foul water pans.

The fluid heat absorbers quickly heat any temperature water up to 110-150 degrees F and keeps it there all day in full sunlight. Inside, the normal water vaporization temperature is about 45 degrees F hotter than the outside air temperature. Spring, summer and fall are the best months to use the still because there is more sun, and it's hotter.

It's so efficient that solar distillation is still possible on partly cloudy and light overcast days. About 1/4 of the pure water produced each 24 hour day is at night after the sun sets. Stored heat inside the still helps to continue distillation process but at a slower rate. Boiling water to obtain the purest evaporated h2o is less effective than solar distillation because some chemical pollutants, and compounds will vaporize at higher temperatures above 200 degrees F but not at the lower solar still temps.

On Earth this is how all of our pure water is naturally made every day since Earth began. The process starts with the evaporation of water from the surface of the ocean, plants or other bodies of water. As moist air is lifted, it cools and water vapor condenses to form clouds. Moisture is transported around the globe in clouds and the air until it returns to the surface as precipitation. For a more detailed description of how this natural hydrologic cycle works, click here to jump to the University of Illinois web pages that explain it in more detail using animations. That same natural process is duplicated inside your solar still, except instead of forming clouds, the water forms on the cool clear 90% transparent surfaces inside the still. The more transparent the surface, the cooler it will remain because only a small amount of heat energy is absorbed. A cool surface is important because without it, water vapor cannot form.

A number of people have asked about using the still on a boat, and for now, it's not possible because of a number of reasons. The still must be used on a flat, stable and level surface for the automatic foul water gravity feed to flow into the water holding pans inside without over flowing the pans and contaminating the pure water. For example, the still must remain unmoved during distillation to allow the vaporized water to form properly on the inside of the still. We have a number of ideas for ways to stabilize the still on a docked boat, but it could be at least a few months or more before the ideas become reality and are tested.

Solar distillation is ultra-pure and always free to use

Solar distillation is by far the most reliable, least costly method of 99.99% true purification of most types of contaminated water -- especially in developing nations where fuel is scarce or too expensive. Conventional boiling distillation consumes three kilowatts of energy for every gallon of water, while solar distillation uses only the free, pure power of the sun. Expensive filtration and deionizing systems are even more expensive to purchase and use, and will not totally purify the water by removing all contaminants. No additional heat or electrical energy is required in our still, and even after the sun sets, distillation continues at a slower pace into the night. Recently, we've even been experimenting with our upcoming Stovetop Still to boost day and nighttime pure water production. It will likely become the first hybrid solar/conventional heated still.

Absolutely pure water is essential for use in fuel cell power generators, scientific research and many medical and plant uses. Scientists, students and researchers will find our Solar Still Water Purifier ideal for making consistently ultra pure h20 from any water source. The lack of inexpensive, drinkable water for people around the globe is becoming a very serious problem, and recent published stories address the concerns from scientists around the world.

This unique triangular shape, wind resistant solar still design has taken over six years to perfect, and it has many new and improved features not found in existing solar distillers-- such as a self-feeding three gallon foul water system that eliminates any risk of contaminating the pure evaporated water. Instead of daily flushing with 2-3 times excess water that's wasted in traditional solar stills, ours converts all incoming fluid into drinkable water and none is wasted. Foul source water only needs to be added every 2-3 weeks in winter and an estimated 1-2 weeks in summer.

Unique new fluid solar heat absorber increases still efficiency

The specially designed internal fluid heat absorber area is angled slightly towards the sun, and not level to the ground as with most other solar stills. This, combined with the unique triple evaporative surface areas increases the water evaporation by nearly 35% to increase vaporization for faster and higher quantities of purified drinking water in a smaller area than traditional large solar stills. As a result, winter and summer water distillation is possible with higher efficiency--even on partly cloudy and light overcast days.

This closeup view of the pure water drops forming and dripping also shows a side view of the inside of our unique solar still. It's a completely new design compared to the traditional solar still that has a bottom basin filled with foul water and only a slight incline of the single clear pure water condensation surface. Ours has a front and back side, (seen in back view photo below) and two side surfaces that combined, rain more than twice the pure water than an equal sized basin still.

Most expensive high energy consumption filtration water purifiers won't remove all toxic chemical contaminants such as precription drug or petrochemical seepage that's been found in many domestic water systems around the world. Solar distillers completely remove harmful toxins and numerous government and private testing labs around the world have consistantly confirmed this throughout the years. A properly designed solar still is the most reliable way to make any foul water safe to drink. Below, you'll find some web links to order some inexpensive water test kits to verify the water purity from your home and still.Both sides of the front and back of the still rain pure water

Our first generation still was more efficient and more affordable than most other solar stills, and as a result had one of the smallest footprints, measuring only 2' wide x 4' long x 2' tall. The upgraded still is smaller and even more efficient. It's made for affordable shipping and portability because of it's light weight, it's thin size when packed, measuring only 8" thick and because we use the best quality unbreakable, testeless, and food safe polycarbonate for the enclosure, and the same durable non-toxic plastic for the foul water pans, which only need to be cleaned every 6-8 months.

Replacement Solar Still fluid heat absorber pads can be ordered above for the first or second generation still. Once they arrive, you should hand wash, then rinse using warm water and a few drops of dishwater detergent at least 2-3 times to completely clean them.

The same design can be scaled up to larger size stills for increased pure water production. The 2x4' still was made for two people, and a smaller dome still produces enough pure distilled drinking water for one adult or two children, but Pasteurizes enough water for a family's daily drinking needs. In the middle of winter, on cool days after freezing nights about 1 liter (or quart) of water can being produced each 24 hour day, and as longer, warmer days approach in summer we expect increased pure water production to be at least 1.5-2 times as much.

Questions? Click here: cleardomesolar@sbcglobal.net

Included with the still is a round, removable and unbreakable 3 gallon foul water jug, with a reservoir and tubing to slowly drain by gravity feed into the internal foul water pans as the water evaporates. The optional three gallon pure water collector has a spigot for dispensing the newly made delicious pure drinking water. Once the distilled water leaves the still, the water stays pure on it's way to your mouth because it's never exposed to the open air or dust. We're even included an activated carbon filter to the distilled pure water drain from the still to improve the taste of severly polluted, smelly water.

Much or the foul smell and taste will removed from the purified water as it drains into the pure water polycarbonate container, unless the source water is extremely bad smelling, like water with urine or animal waste. Our solar distilled water is never flat, tasteless water like conventional boiling distillers make because as the water slowly evaporates, it absorbs oxygen before it condenses as pure water on the inside surfaces of the still. Please don't confuse water Pasteurization (water disinfection with higher temperatures that only kills harmful microbes) or water filtration (reduces many water impurities but seldom all) with solar distillation. Many so-called "water purification" systems will filter many impurities from water and make it taste better, but most will not actually completely eliminate every type of combined toxic, organic or chemical contamination. Solar distillation is true water purification.

The first public demonstration of the ClearDome Solar Still Water Purifier at San Diego's EarthFair 2007 In the photo on the left, a young Earth Day fairgoer and her dad take a sample of the delicious pure solar distilled water made by our our original small prototype still first publicly demonstrated at San Diego's annual EarthFair 2007.

We, and our many taste testers all agree that it's by far the best testing, purest drinking water you'll ever enjoy. More people in developing nations (over one billion) die of water pollution/contamination disease each year than a lack of food. Our lightweight, unbreakable, shipable stills will help clean up dirty and dangerous water for them and improve the quality of your drinking water at home to the highest level possible, even more pure than bottled, deionized or filtered water. To learn more about the proven advantages of solar distillation please do your own Internet search on "solar stills" and to read about the many (over 18 million web pages on Yahoo) university, government and private projects and research papers on solar distillation.

Here's one of the most comprehensive papers written about the evolution of solar stills, including excellent technical information about the different types and performance of the most popular stills by Horace McCracken and Joel Gordes, click here.·

And have a look at this web page from AKF Engineers that explains the various types of water purification systems and how well they work. You'll notice that conventional boiling distillation is by far the most reliable, however solar distillation is not mentioned. Because of the lower vaporization and condensation temperatures, the solar distillation water purity is even greater because of reduction or elimination of harmful gasses. click here to learn more about the levels and types of water purity. To jump to the very informative webpage from the El Paso Solar Energy Association and their extensive government and real world solar still testing, with details on how to build your own traditional still, click here.·

Many still designs and ideas are shown, but we believe ours is among the most advanced, affordable and easiest to set up and use--especially in developing nations.

Once you start using your new ClearDome Solar Still water purifier, you can confirm the water purity before and after with these helpful low cost water testing products that can be ordered directly from their web sites for less than $30 each. We've found them very useful and easy to use on all types of water: To test water for the TDS, or total dissolved solid particles in parts per million we suggest getting a TDS meter, which can be found online. As mentioned above, our stills normally make ultra pure water with 0-5 parts per million of impurities, while typical drinking tap water in the USA ranges between 350-600. This meter instantly gives the level of purity with a digital readout.

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