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 Keep Your Home, RV, Boat or Office
Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer
With our low-cost passive Black Solar Heating Drapes or floor covering for sunlit windows
And reflective Thermal Barrier Fabric

SolarFlex Thermal/wind barrier fabric closeup The high cost to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer is now much more affordable with our three low-cost radiant thermal products now available from the company that designed them: ClearDome Solar Thermal in California. These unique thermal products are all UV resistant and the first of their type.

They are also ideal for extending the normal plant growing season, especially in a new upcoming high tech food growing product--The Aeroponic/Hydroponic Tower Garden coming April 16, from the world leader in whole food nutrition -- Juice Plus+.
Click here for the latest information. It uses only 5% of the water and plant food compared to dirt gardening, and plants grow 25-50% faster.

Our Black Solar Heating Drapes are now our most popular and affordable home solar heating product made.

  Lightweight reflective Thermal Barrier Fabric is durable and safe to use

Shown in the photo on the left is our tough 75% reflective Thermal Barrier Fabric that can be used in both summer and winter, indoors and outdoors, to restrict the natural flow of heat radiating inside when it's warm or trying to flow out a window when it's cold. Room air temps will rise as much as 10 degrees in the winter with the same amount of heat indoors when all windows in a room are covered.

It's made of a weaved, super tough high density polyethylene plastic that's coated with a thin, highly reflective metallized surface. The most effective winter use is hanging it on the inside of windows or skylights, where 50% of a building's warm air is lost to the cold outdoors. It comes with easy to attach suction cup hooks that are placed on the four corners of the glass for quick fabric mounting. It can be sewn for drapery rods or hung outside of cloth drapes for increased performance.

 Nearly half the incoming light will still enter the room and you can still see outdoors through the fabric.

We're now offering a the world's most solar reflective and coolest solar tarps made for roofs, walls and any other surface or area exposed to the direct sun. They are about 20-25% more reflective CoolTarp reduces 135 degree roof temp to only 62 degrees F than Thermal Barrier Fabric and is solid, very flexible, and waterproof. They are called SolaReflex and Snow White CoolTarp (click for more details) and they come with optional grommets for easy installation anywhere in the hot sun. They will passively cool spaces underneath the hot summer sun even better than Thermal Barrier Fabric by reflecting nearly all the blazing sunlight away from patios, tents, over roofs, RV's and boats, carports, work spaces, animal enclosures, and garden areas that are warmed by too much sunlight.

Areas below CoolTarp will stay within about 10-15 degrees of the ambient air temps. Unlike typical painted or light colored tarps that absorb the sun's energy and get very hot underneath in summer sun, one CoolTarp is made of our top-rated reflective metallized SolaReflex specially coated on both sides of a rip-stop type plastic sheet that allows only a very small amount of heat to pass through, and no light, keeping that surface and space below it cool. Snow White CoolTarp is more durble with a 23 mil thickness, and allows a small amount of light to pass through it's super-reflective white surface. 

The three scenes below demonstrate Thermal Barrier Fabric's exterior cooling ability on a green painted wooden patio deck.  The fabric has optional grommets and edge trim (suggested for outdoor use) and is hung from ropes on one side (shown) and attached to the wall with screw hooks on the other. This was on a sunny 74 degree F day in summer. This type of filtered light is ideal for plant growth. It also provides excellent cold weather frost protection for potted and garden plants and trees.

89 degrees under Thermal barrier fabric151 surface temp exposed to sun Wide view of patio with Thermal barrier fabric
Notice the 62 degree difference between the sunlit (left) and Thermal barrier(center) shaded side. We now offer PayPal secure online ordering exclusively, so please click on each PayPal order link below to place your order.
A wide view is on the right.

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Click link to order the reflective $98-7x8 thermal barrier fabric with Safe & Secure PayPal. Two small pieces of either fabric can be shipped for the same shipping fee.

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Two small fabric orders can be shipped in the same box with no extra shipping fee

Click link to order the large $295 14'x 20' reflective thermal barrier fabric (larger discounted bulk orders are also available for 500 square feet and larger)
Click to order thermal fabric grommets, minimum of four--works on either fabric (photo below)

We've just added a sturdy new Our new durable reusable plastic grommets for both fabrics reusable grommet for both the Solar Heating Drape and Thermal Barrier Fabrics you can add to your own thermal fabric. Each grommet, seen on the right, has 14 pins that pass through the fabric for strong holding in moderate wind. We suggest one grommet every 2-3 feet and on every corner for the best support. The large hole at the center of the grommet and the end loup are both 1/2" round. They only cost 69 cents per grommet and can be ordered from the PayPal order link above.

The photo below shows our standard 7' X 8' small Thermal Barrier Fabric. Both small size fabrics sell for $98 and can be ordered by clicking on the PayPal links above.   A larger precut size of Thermal Barrier Fabric measuring 14' x 20' sells for $295, and even larger bulk sizes are available on request. All sizes and fabrics can easily be cut with scissors to fit any size window and will not unravel after being cut. Add about 3-5" length and width to allow for slight edge curling. It can also be used on outings and camping trips to reduce summer heat and sun over tents and in the open.

The photo below shows it hung as an exterior curtain on a patio door, which in summer reduces heat penetration to the inside by 70% while dropping the light transmission by slightly less than half. It can also be placed over a patio cover, used as window awning, or suspended by hooks or ropes, (photos above) with the same results. As an indoor curtain it keeps most heat indoors at night, or on north facing windows during the day, drastically reducing heating bills. In numerous cold weather tests, when the outdoor temperature at night was 31 degrees and the inside bare glass temperature (double pane glass) was 56 degrees, the temperature on the  SolarFlex thermal barrier fabric on patio door exteriorroom side of the radiant barrier fabric was a warm 71 degrees, only one degree cooler than the insulated inside wall temperature.  A series of tests by an environmental testing agency in Missouri with 25 degree temps outdoors showed the same results, the same as another customer in Minnesota. It's better than adding an insulated wall to the inside of the glass becaused instead of absorbing the heat, it reflects it back into the room. Questions? click here to email your questions

Outdoors, it can be also be used for screens over windows or as a temporary summer thermal shadecloth on a roof or greenhouse to reduce solar heat gain while passing 45% diffused light that's ideal for plant growth. As an added benefit, 15 mph winds will slow to only 2-3 mph  behind the fabric outdoors on your next outing, which nearly eliminates the wind chill effect on cool days.

No other thermal barrier-related fabric offers this many benefits for controlling temperatures both outdoors and indoors. At only two pounds, the small piece is easy to install and remove. The only other competetive thermal window coverings available cost about 10 times the price of our standard size, with nearly 100% sun blockage, and cannot be used outdoors or in wind control situations.

Solar heating drapes turn sunlit windows into giant solar radiators,
and it even melts snow & ice!

Now your sunlit windows at home, in your RV, boat or camper can be transformed into giant solar radiators with our new interior window Radiant solar heating drapes. It can also be laid over snow or ice outdoors on sunlit areas to increase melting--even on freezing days. Instead of being highly reflective like the thermal barrier fabric, it is a deep black, heat and UV resistant HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic fabric specially designed to absorb solar energy and efficiently convert it to heat. These are not blackout curtains as the photo to the right demonstrates. Filtered sunlight will enter the room ClearDome Solar heating drapes installed on patio doorand the outdoors is visible from the inside during the day. When positioned near a glass surface, peak winter midday temperatures as high as 135 degrees F degrees are generated and radiated back into the room as long as direct sunlight touches the heat absorber surface.

If you choose to not block the view outdoors, one option is to lay the drapes flat on the sunlit floor near windows. Stand or sit over in the center of this unique solar heating fabric and you'll feel the sun's soothing heat radiating up and around you, coming from the fabric.
Your pets will love it too!

By heating the glass and fabric well above the ambient room temperature, heat can't escape out the windows and they both become perfect thermal barriers to help keep room temperatures warmer. Hot always travels to cold, so the radiant heat inside the room is absorbed by cooler walls, the floor and furniture, and is stored for release back into the room when the temperatures drops.

Also, most or all moisture condensation on the glass is eliminated on solar drape covered sunlit windows, reducing window frame damage and mold formation on the frames.  The drapes can be cut to fit any window size and attached with wall mounted hooks, hung on curtain rods, or hung from the included suction cup hooks that attach to the window glass. To melt snow or ice outdoors in sunlit areas just lay the drapes over the snow or ice covered area such as a driveway or walkway and place rocks or bricks on the corners to prevent wind from lifting the fabric. It is unaffected by freezing temperatures or moisture.

This durable solar heat absorbing fabric will not unravel after being cut and is available for purchase in two standard sizes and larger bulk sizes over 500 square feet.  It's only $98 plus shipping for the standard 6' x 9' patio door size or $295 for the larger 12' x 22' size--four times larger than the small piece. Much larger unlimited bulk sizes of both fabrics can be special ordered at a discount by sending your email request.

Click to order small black $98-6'x 9' solar heating drapes or floor covering using safe & secure PayPal. Two small pieces of either fabric can be shipped for the same shipping fee.
Click link to order the large $295 12'x 22' black solar heating drapes or floor covering (we also have larger discounted bulk orders for 500 sq. ft. or more.)
Click to order thermal fabric grommets, minimum of four--works on either fabric (photo above)

For solar cooling, SolaReflex CoolTarp stops nearly all solar heat intrusion on roofs or walls

CoolTarp reflects away all but 5-10 degrees of solar generated heat on roofs or exterior walls.  In numerous spring time tests on a slightly pitched, conventional roof with 135+ degree F surface temperatures, CoolTarp panels kept the roof temperature at about 62 degrees on a 73 degree spring day after a cool night.  See photos of CoolTarp at work on our web page. 

High temperature solar generated heat on buildings,  RV's or campers of all sizes can now be drastically reduced during blazing hot summer months as well.  Normal summer roofs temps in the 160's can be kept in the high 80's or low 90 degree temperature range, as shown in one photo. Also, our Thermal barrier fabric is also available for roof and wall passive solar heat reduction. It's more affordable and easy to install. Questions? click here
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