The Aeroponic Tower Garden Vertical Food Growing System by Juice Plus+
Makes Home Vegetable Gardening Fun, Efficient and Affordable for Everyone!

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Have a closer look at the amazing Tower Garden Vertical Food Growing System by Juice Plus+. It's filled with 6 week old veggie plants
in the left photo, including the yellow squash, center. In the next photo, fresh lettuce is being harvested from the top level
with a basil plant on the top right, a green bean plant is on the bottom left, and on the bottom right is a young tomato plant.
The far right photo shows how mature growing plants look (left side) and with new starts just planted on the right.
The left tower is partially underground for better water temperature regulation in hot and cold months.

In the photo above, Tower Garden expert Jan Young trains nearly 50 eager Juice Plus+ distributors in early
January in San Diego, one of three locations in Southern California. To learn more about Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden
distributor opportunities, join us at the Tower Garden® official launch at the Juice Plus+ Spring Leadership
Conference in Phoenix, April 12-14. Contact information and pre-order info is below.

Also join us at our Tower Garden demonstration booth at EarthFair, in San Diego's Balboa Park on Earth Day, April 22 from 10am to 5pm.

Please bookmark this page and return often to learn more about the time-tested Juice Plus Tower Garden, that uses advanced aeroponic and hydroponic gardening technology to grow over 35 types of veggies, fruits, many herbs, and many flowers. Come back to this web page (towergardener.com or towergarden-sandiego.com) for more details

Have a look at these informative new Tower Garden related videos (click here), including one that features the first team of Juice Plus+ beta test Tower Gardeners in 2011, another that introduces inventor Tim Blank and what motivated him to make this innovative aeroponic growing machine, and some how-to-use training videos.

A number of public Tower Garden demonstration locations have already been set up around the country, and the left photo shows a recently installed working indoor Tower Garden display at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Over two dozen connected Tower Gardens are set up inside the terminal with indoor lighting. The harvested food is so delicious that it's served in nearby airport restaurants.

Many larger commercial growing Tower Garden farms are in now in operation and over 100 new installation plans are in development throughout the US. Here's an update on product availability:

Tower Garden from Juice Plus+
Introduced at Nashville Leadership Conference

Thousands of Juice Plus+ distributors at the National Leadership Conference in Nashville last October 14 were thrilled to hear that an advanced food growing system called the Tower Garden will be available to sell to the American and Canadian public beginning April 3, 2012.

Juice Plus+ President Jay Martin and product inventor Tim Blank of Future Growing, LLC explained with photos and detailed slides why adding a compact vertical aeroponic and hydroponic “garden in a box” to the Juice Plus+ product line was the right fit for both companies.

Juice Plus+, the world leader in whole food based nutrition products, recently partnered with Future Gardening, a leader in commercial aeroponic and hydroponic growing system design, to market and sell to home Tower Gardeners.

They both agreed that growing your own highly nutritious food at home in a high tech plant growing system was the best and easiest way to provide families with delicious fresh vegetables and fruits without the high price. Inventor Blank explained how easy it is to set up and start growing plants from seeds or seedlings without the headaches from ground pests, pesticides and worries of over or under watering. It is the first patented aeroponic (water and nutrients flowing or misting over plant roots) and hydroponic (plant roots exposed to water with no soil) home growing system made, and is now being used for much larger connected commercial greenhouse growing uses.

Twenty or more Tower Garden plants will grow 25 to 50% faster than conventional earth-grown plants because of the unique design of the white 4.5 foot tall tower that has a 3 foot round water and nutrient reservoir base and a pump to circulate the nutrition-filled water. The price for a complete Tower Garden growing system is $499 plus tax and shipping, and can be pre-ordered now with a single payment or on a 12-month payment plan for only $43 a month.

For more details, to place your order for the Tower Garden, and for upcoming Tower Garden demonstration dates in San Diego, contact San Diego Tower Garden distributor Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call 619/990-7977. To order our unique accessory add-on products to extend the growing season, and to easily transport your Tower Garden loaded with plants, please click here: towergardener.com

For Juice Plus+ products and distributor information call Sky Jeannette at 858/677-0707, or email her at: sky4health@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about the next best thing to fruits and veggies at her Juice Plus+ home page click here: Sky4health.com.

Hydroponic and aeroponic gardening has progressed steadily through the last 100 years from experimental to large scale commercial food production, and by April 3 you will be able to grow your own highly nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables at home or at work in this amazing aeroponic growing system that comes as a complete kit in a box. It's easy to assemble in less than 35 minutes, and comes with printed and video directions online. All you need is about a 3' square area of level ground, nutrition-filled water and lots of direct sunlight. South facing is the best direction.

Dirt or a growing medium is not required as with dirt or hydroponic growing since the recirculated flowing water with added nutrients (provided) is all the plants need. It's easy to maintain, requiring only about 15 minutes a week of maintainance.

Aeroponics (misting or running water mixed with nutrients directly over roots) uses only 5-10% of water and plant food, takes 25-50% less time, in 1/10 the space of ground gardens, and produces more nutritious and delicious fruits and veggies than most traditional earth gardening--without the ground-based pests, pesticides or chemicals.

Questions? Can't wait to know more? Would you like to see a demonstration or place an order now?

Click here for more details, and for upcoming Tower Garden demonstration dates in San Diego, contact San Diego Tower Garden distributor Deris Jeannette at: deris@towergardener.com or call 619/990-7977.

For Juice Plus+ products and distributor information call Sky Jeannette at 858/677-0707, or email her at: sky4health@sbcglobal.net and learn more about the next best thing to fruits and veggies at her Juice Plus+ home page at : Sky4health.com.

Check back often in because we will be continually updating this and other related web pages with new information, photos, and order links. For more details, background about the product and inventor Tim Blank, and numerous videos and media stories about the patented Juice Plus+ Tower Garden, click here.

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